Friday, 14 January 2011

To blog, or not to blog...

...that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of concealed opinions, or to take arms against a sea of thoughts and, by blogging, end them. To write, to tweet, at length.

Of course just by writing this I've answered that question. The real question is, why has it taken me so long to actually start a blog?

Many people have often wondered this, myself included. I'm opinionated, and intelligent enough to string a few legible sentences together. I like telling people what I think, and I flatter myself that there will be a fair amount of people who'd read it. So what is it that's held me back?

I can reveal (after having a similar revelation myself earlier) that it has in fact been the sheer bloody hardship of choosing a decent blog title.

I know, it's terribly vain. "Why not just use your name?" some one asked me. Quite simply, I don't particularly like it, but that's another story. When faced with excellently named blogs such as 'Hypocritical Cynicism" and "Miles Away..." (both of which you can find by following a link on this page) it's easy to see why I felt the need to establish a good title.

Among my many pretentious and pathetic attempts at titling, I was given a decent suggestion by my good friend and mentor Mr Ben Cooper (whose blog Britpop'd is also linked on this page) who suggested DLR. This was to stand for "Daniel Leitch Reflects...". To Ben it was a play on a train service in the Capital called 'Docklands Light Railway', which suited me because, as he put it, the train line "weaves in and out of all the important places of the city". 

In truth I may yet adopt it.

For now at least, the Barrovian it is. Simple. Truthful. To all those outside of the Furness peninsula it's an un-uttered term. It's enigmatic enough to suit my ego, and sounds bally fantastic. For those of you who're reading this outside of Cumbria, educate yourself. The gods know I've tried enough already.

This will do for now I think. Yes, I'm quite pleased. Fear not though, dear reader, for this is only the beginning...